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A Happy Customer Is My Goal!


Radiancy FSD Anti-Aging Client

"I see a reduction in redness, softening of my frown lines, and my pores look smaller."



"My face felt very rejuvenated even the day after my FSD treatment!"



"I had a clogged pore. After just one treatment it spontaneously emptied itself when I washed my face in the evening, that never happened before."



"I had my first Light Heat Energy treatment on Saturday and my boyfriend said my skin looked like it was glowing."



"I wanted to see if my daughter would notice anything about my complexion after I started receiving FSD treatments from Jamie. So, rather than say anything to her I waited to see what, if anything, she might say. She walked right up to me and said, wow mom your skin looks great!"

Jan D.


"I was at the hair salon when chemicals splashed up and landed near my left eye leaving two red dots. I came to Jamie Gordon and received a FSD treatment. After just one session my spots were gone and have remained that way. Very happy with my treatment!"




Repeat Facial/ELR Client

"Having a facial with Jamie is not only good for your skin, but soothing for your soul. She has a way of connecting with you as a client that is informative and supportive -- kind of like getting a facial while having a visit with your best girlfriend! Her studio space is a cozy, nurturing environment and she is incredibly professional and knowledgeable. I'm looking forward to my next revitalizing Energy Light Rejuvenation treatment!"




New Client Feedback

"Best facial I have had in ages. Jamie knows what she is doing. Very attentive to my individual problems."

Recent Living Social Daily Deal Customer


"Excellent facial!!!! Thumbs Up!"

Recent Living Social Daily Deal Customer


"My facial was thorough and above average using some new technology (ELR) that I had never heard of but recommend trying. My skin looks great."

New ELR Customer



On Jamie's Uniqueness as a Skin Care Professional

"I wish I could record everything you've said to me in this session. I can tell when you speak to me that you're not being analytical but rather speaking from truth and spirit."

T. S. - Retired RN - Facial and Energy Light Client




New Experience With Energy Light Rejuvenation

"I can't get over how much nicer my skin looks today ... it was SUCH a nice, relaxing experience I was a very happy customer ... I'm hooked ... this is great!"

L.L. - Energy Light Client - after two sessions, and planning additional treatments




Regular Energy Light Rejuvenation Treatments

"Each session appears to be more meaningful for me on many different levels. I feel, and others have commented, that my skin is being revitalized. It is more taut, especially around the jawline, my neck is smoother, and I have an overall de-stressed look ... especially around my eyes.

The light is clearly communicating with me on so many levels. On the surface, I believe that it is educating my facial muscles to wake up and on a deeper level, I am being stimulated and relaxed simultaneously at the core of my being.

In doing my part, I eat well, exercise, try to get plenty of rest and sleep, and think happy thoughts.

This entire experience has been de'light'ful. Jamie is wonderful to work with as she couldn't be more supportive, kind, and confident in her abilities."



"These sessions have been great for my skin. I feel I have a more natural color in my complexion, and I have been receiving more compliments about my face."

Jane - Special Ed Teacher


"As the New Year arrived, I felt a need for a retuning and reintegration.  What could I do to awaken my dark, cold life forces?  How could I get more connected to my inner energies, unclear goals and scattered visions.  My meditation practices and yoga certainly help.  Another answer was a session of Energy Light Work with Jamie Gordon.

I'm not sure how to describe this intangible experience.  The name certainly says a lot.  It was enlightening and energizing in every sense of those words.  When I arrived, my inner focus was set - the music helped me to relax and feel the light energy.  Jamie's words focused on different aspects of my life and thoughts to analyze, contemplate and touch into more fully.  After our session, I moved through the busy week ahead with a centered heart and mind and new found insights for the year ahead. Thanks!"





"I am hoping to set up a few Microderm appointments with you. My last session went so well my skin looked beautiful all week!"

J. K. - Bride



First-Time Experience of Another Professional

"Your clients are really lucky to have you."

Barbara - Out-of-State First-Time Client and ELR Training Recipient

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